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Yacht UP - Reparación e instalación de motores y cajas de cambio para nautica - MAN, ZF Marine, SIDE-POWER, CAT, Mitsubishi Motors

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Does your engine need a proper maintenance, diagnosis or perhaps a repair? In this so important area we have made a name in complete overhauls MAN and CAT.

Only original pieces, the knowledge to assemble, with a good varnish and not bad painted and all this at a good price... That's how we do it! Before assembling on board we test all the engine components because, for what do we have a ''new'' engine if the water filter is obstracted, the attachment Vulkan is worned out or the Control System is not well adjusted.

With all this reviewed it is very important to work carefully and take notice not only in what you are working on, but all the components around because very often these all depend on each other to achive a good functioning. With all the information collected in a sea trial we can know if the drive train is functioning together correctly.

On boats we know that things don't happen like in mass production of cars, that's why experience plays such an important part. Why doesn't the engine reach the normal amount of revolutions?... perhaps the filter is obstructed, the antifire system is activated or the propeller sizes are incorrect or perhaps there is some dirt in the system.



In this sector, although small but very important, we found a niche in the market. We have invested heavily in specialized equipment for our work shop, to be able to repair the transmissions.

We know the importance of a quick but well done repair, even more so when the client is on board for holidays.

You can never know when a breakdown is going to happen, that's why it is so important to prevent this with a good and annually maintenance programme. This is a totally independant servicing of the engines. Or perhaps that was not the cause of the breakdown, but maybe a misfunction of the remote hidraulic or mechanical control.

This is the moment to think about changing to the electronic control ZF and enjoy sailing and maneuvoring a light and direct system.

Got a project or need? We are at your service! Call us now: +34 619 234 555



This section of the market has transformed a lot in the last few years. Not only in repairs, but each time in more cases we dedicate our services to substitute old hydraulic, mechanical or electronic (slow) control systems for the new electronic systems of ZF with a very advanced technology.

After changing it you can enjoy the new manageability and maneuverability of the boat. This installations are simple, quick and has an advantagous result due to the light, direct and reliable work of the equipment.

Or if you are not happy with the trolling (slippery clutch), don't worry, we can adjust it until the controls or the joysticks function correctly.

Naturally we have attended the latest training courses and more importantly, our experience with new systems like SPP, JMS, POD-Drive and Steercommand.



We calculate, install and obviously repair your thruster system either if its electric or hydraulic, retractable or in a tunnel.

Or would you like to be able to adjust the power of the propeller? It's no problem ... ask, the post installation is not so complicated.

Does your boat move to much? Against this feeling we have the perfect answer. Even if its anchored, the new type of stabilizers will give you great results. Even in fast boats of less than 20 meters, we can post-install this type of equipment. The larger equipment has had a lot of success in boats of more than 35 meters.

If you could be interested in this or would like to know more, call us and we will advise you.

Or if you have stabilizers and only need a re-adjustment or to update the software ... we would like to help you.

Got a project or need? We are at your service! Call us now: +34 619 234 555

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